1. NOTESTAR.PL allows you to make payments to businesses by: collecting the amount due by the carrier (DHL-EXPRESS only), bank transfer, e-payment (e-transfer, credit card payment, pay-pal system), cash at the company's headquarters.

For individual customers, the following types of payment are possible: DHL-EXPRESS, e-payment, cash at the company's premises.

2. Obtaining a deferred payment date requires acceptance of the BMF Sales Department and sending current registration documents.
For regular, reliable customers (after having completed at least 3 transactions after paying them in advance), the application for granting the right to a deferred, standardized 7-day payment by bank transfer can be considered. You can negotiate an individual payment date.

3. Payments can be made in PLN, EUR or USD for the following account numbers:

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
ul.Senatorska 16
00923 Warsaw


Account payable in PLN: 58 1030 1582 0000 0008 1415 2006

Payout amount in USD: 36 1030 1582 0000 0008 1415 2014

Payment account in EURO: 14 1030 1582 0000 0008 1415 2022